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2022 College Football National Championship!!!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

UGA -2.5 vs BAMA O/U 52

Let me start by saying this. The Georgia Bulldogs have been the Best Team in College Football All Season & to be honest it hasn’t even really been close. That whipping that Alabama put on Georgia in the SEC Title Game was a humbling experience. 1 that may come back to haunt the Tide. Georgia looked like their dominant selves in punishing Michigan 34-11 in a game that wasn’t as close as the score may indicate.

Bama steamrolled Cincinnati 27-6 proving that the Group of 5 Bearcats was no Match for the Top Dogg in the SEC. BAMA won’t be able to push Georgia around like they did Cincinnati. Well at least not this time. BAMA has owned the Dawgs as of late, winning at least 5 in a row in this SEC matchup. If Kirby Smart isn’t overwhelmed & he doesn’t try & do too much The Bulldogs will prove that they are truly the BEST Team in College Football! Play Georgia Minus 2.5!

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