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When placing bets I have 1 goal in mind & that is to WIN Money!

A lot of gamblers that I've encountered are enamored with the home run or the 10pk & up parlay & to be honest, who wouldn't like to wager $5 & win $50,000. However the reality is that the odds on such bets aren't in your favor.


In most casinos the odds on a 1pk is 110 to 100 which means for every $1 you wager you win

.91 cents.

2pk odds are usually around +265 or a little over 2.5 to 1 so $1 wagered would bring back $2.65

3Pk odds around +597, $1 to win $5.97

4pk odds around +1231, $1 to win $12.31

5pk odds around +2442, $1 to win $24.42

6pk odds around +4755, $1 to win $47.55

7pk odds around +9222, $1 to win 92.22

8pk odds around +17798, $1 to win $177.98

9pk odds around +35159, $1 to win $351.59

10pk odds around +68302, $1 to win $683.02

11pk odds around +129180, $1 to win $1,291.80

12pk odds around +242947, $1 to win $2,429.47

These odds are point spread non money line odds. Most casinos won't allow you to play over 12 teams at a time.

I personally try to stay in the 1pk-4pk range because the odds on the 1pk are basically even. On the 2pk the odds are 2.6 to 1, 3pk 5.9 to 1 & 4pk 12 to 1.

The odds are basically your chances of winning, so with the 2pk they are saying that you should win every 2.6 bets or 1 win every 3 plays, 1 win every 12 plays on a 4pk.

Every now & then I'll place a 5, 6, 7pk or above but I try to stay in my odds range because again my number 1 goal is to win money.


Another mistake I see a lot of sports bettors make is they will start with a wager of lets say $10, win then immediately raise their wager amount. Remember the odds aren't in your favor so set a limit & stick to it until you're up big enough in winnings to up it a little bit.

The Art of Sports Betting is really simple. Play to win. Understand & wager in the odds range that is more in your favor. Set a limit & stick to it.


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